To paraphrase a very famous Teamster’s Union leader, “If you got it, a truck brought it to you.”

Commercial vehicles and their drivers have recently proven to be essential workers, given the increased amount of goods we have ordered online and had delivered to us, especially since early 2020. Also on the rise; food delivery services through ride-share mobile applications. These factors only underscore the importance of commercial auto insurance, and at Global Insurance, we are here to deliver the right coverage for you.

Dump trucks

The history of the dump truck can be dated back to the turn of the 19th century, even before the invention of the motorized vehicle, to horse-drawn trailers that swiveled back when unhitched. Soon after, companies in the U.S. began to motorize the dumping motion, and from there heavy-duty trucks began to be manufactured. This paved the way for military use and commercialized mining, disposal, and road construction use. Insurance typically covers uses including aggregate hauling, landscaping, excavation, construction, trash, sand, and gravel hauling, and more.

Tow trucks

Estimates about the tow truck industry put its total value at around $8 billion dollars. As consumer confidence and the amount of available and disposable income keeps rising, so does the number of cars on the road, and thus the number of accidents and car breakdown issues. This makes tow trucks an indispensable part of our car-dependent society. Some types of businesses that require commercial tow truck insurance include roadside service providers, auto club contractors and sub-contractors, auto body shops, mechanic shops, full-service gas stations, and car salvage and auction haulers.

Box trucks

Essentially, box trucks are the level just below semi-tractor trailers. They are the trucks that are used to transport parcels, haul furniture and personal belongings during a move, and move perishable food and appliances. Not quite as big as rigs, they are everywhere commercially, and some are refrigerated. All are in great demand, and of course, need specialized insurance policies.

18 wheelers

One of the most amazing facts about 18 wheelers is that their engines are up to six times as large as the automobile. Heavy-duty and extremely durable, they can extend up to 800,000 additional miles more than the average car, and altogether total 140 billion plus miles rolled annually. More importantly, they are absolutely vital to our way of life, transporting food and other goods from air and seaports to distribution centers like grocery stores. Another fact about semis: they were originally designed to carry cars before they were repurposed to carry goods.

Car carriers

Speaking of car carriers, they are in an insurance class of their own, and function to get cars from manufacturers to car dealers with as close to a 0 on the odometer as possible.

Non-emergency transport

Non-emergency transports are the vehicles that move those who are incapacitated or otherwise cannot travel in a regular vehicle. They shuttle people around who are in wheelchairs or on stretchers. These specialty vans are ubiquitous now, with the largest generation on record (the Baby Boomers) now aging and often in need of medical services. Naturally, they also necessitate a special type of insurance.

Concrete mixers

Another unusual vehicle that also requires a specific set of coverages are concrete mixers. These behemoths weigh between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds and often carry more than 40,000 pounds of wet cement within their drums. You wouldn’t want to get into a wreck with one of those big boys!


Many large companies and governmental municipalities own fleets of cars, which all need to be covered. Global Insurance Agency can do that. We can also ensure limos and party buses if that is your sort of thing.


Finally, as mentioned above, ride sharing has exploded recently. Thinking of driving for Uber or Lyft to make some extra money on the side? Global Insurance Agency can cover that, too.

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